Who started CheckerBox?

Founded by Randy Gervais at the age of 18, CheckerBox creates accessories that are high end, fashionable and infused with a focus on personal experience. CheckerBox was born out of the desire to give an outlet of expression within the confines of everyday society. CheckerBox embraces individuality and self-expression - the ability to be who you are no matter the situation. CheckerBox provides a gateway to inner desires and ambitions that become clear through the art of the reveal.

Why CheckerBox?

CheckerBox products are created from the highest quality in Italy and Turkey. We sought out world-class mills known for top quality production. Our 100% Italian Silk Ties are produced in Como, Italy—dubbed the silk capital of the world. Our socks are produced in a province of Brescia, Italy. This means our products are made only 70 miles from each other using Italian-sourced materials and craftsmen.

What makes CheckerBox different?

We noticed a common problem in the sock market. Socks don’t stay up. In saying that, CheckerBox worked very close with our manufacturers to develop our own custom elastin. The result is a breathable sock that stays up all day.

CheckerBox socks are produced with Egyptian Giza cotton (heralded as the highest quality cotton available). The yarn then undergoes either mercerizing or combing treatment. We have a variety of compositions such as Mercerized cotton, Combed cotton and light weight cashmere. In 2018, we will be releasing our bamboo composition for our casual socks.

Design & Embroidery

Many companies now feature unique or intricate designs. The problem is that the designs are simply printed on blank socks using ink. These socks often fade upon the first wash, or they have spaces once you actually put the sock on your foot. We believe this treatment devalues an outfit.

At CheckerBox, we carefully create our designs to make sure they can be stitched. Our designs are part of the sock. The designs will never fade, allowing your express yourself every day. The final step of our sock production is our embroidered logo. It is a stamp of the quality of composition and design that went into the product that ties your outfit together.

Six Fold Ties

The magic of the enhanced class and look of our six-fold tie is that it is created from one piece of 100% Italian Silk fabric folded, by hand, to finish. Unlike the common 3-fold tie, a six-fold tie utilizes more fabric, which increases weight. This lends to a better drape and unmatched knotting.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards backed by the major providers on our website: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. We also accept PayPal and Apple Pay. If you are having trouble checking out, please email us at info@checkerboxusa.com


We release new products all year round including two big collections a year. Our core design CheckerBox patterns always stay in stock. The other designs are seasonal and are not restocked. So if you see a design you like, order it today because it will sell out soon.

International Shipping

Currently we can ship orders placed through our website to the U.S and Canada. Worldwide shipping coming soon.

Virtual Gift Card Policy

Gift cards do not expire, cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen, cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged for cash except where required by law. Store credit, promo codes and other discounts may not be used to purchase gift cards. We reserve the right to revoke gift cards, which were purchased fraudulently.

The purchase of a gift card itself is non-taxable, but when you use the gift card the items you purchase may be taxable. If they are, tax will be assessed on your purchase at the time you use the gift card. (The money on the gift card can be used to pay for goods, shipping, or tax).

How long will it take to receive my order?

3-7 business days for standard shipping via USPS.

2-3 business days for expedited shipping via FedEx Ground to the East Coast.

4-5 business days for expedited shipping via FedEx Ground to the West Coast.

Orders marked for Next Day shipping before 12pm EST will arrive the next business day.